Driver record cameras / crash cams

Driver record cameras or crash cams as they are also known, are becoming an a necessity in modern life.

We have all seen bad driving on a regular daily basis and heard the horror stories of insurance not paying out due to lack of evidence or even being blamed for a crash when the other driver was actually at fault.

Many quality dash cams also have the ability to run while the car is switched off giving you added securityof recording car park and shopping centre mishaps and recording people tampering and damaging while parked even at night.

iRoad X9 front crash cam

System 12 can help install that Driver record system you already have. Neatly hiding cables from hanging over the dash by running behind factory trims and hard wiring them freeing up that 12 volt socket. We also have access to a large range of driver record solutions from premium brands  and commercial range’s and we can help you select which model will best suit your need and budget.



Insurance benifits

Whether you drive for a profession, do the daily commute or even school drop off a Dash Cam can save you in more ways than one. With many car insurance companies now offering discounts for those that have one fitted, and can help expedite claims as you can provide video evidence of the crash.


Front driver record systems

iRoad A9 front crash cam

A standard driver record is a single front facing camera that records while driving. While almost all crash cams are now 1080p. There is major differences between cheap, mid-level and premium quality driver record cameras. While a cheap camera ($99 -$199) will record may work fine during the day many will have issues working in bright light and night time, often resulting in blurry or no picture during crucial moments due to poor optics. Most mid-level ($200-$400) cameras will give excellent images day or night but are likely to be missing features like lane departure, collision warnings and the ability to record while the car is parked or turned off.


Front and rear driver record systems

Do not be caught out

While a front camera is great it only half a story. Aside from the obvious rear ended crashes, often its what happened earlier behind you that lead to the crash. Where they driving erratically and swerving all over the place? If you are side swiped a front camera may not show them if they turn off or move in traffic however a rear camera doubles your chance of capturing the offending vehicle.

Most front and rear camera kits are normally mid-level to premium models helping you to narrow your selection process.

iRoad X9 Driver record system

Commercial systems

Are you an Uber driver?

Do  you require a system with internal recording camera and built in IR for night time cabin vision.


Are you a Truck driver?

We have access to a large range of 12 and 24 volt systems with large screens that record up-to 4 cameras at a time and can also display reverse camera or blind spot cameras.


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What system is right for me?

Below are a few points to consider before rushing out and purchasing a driver record system.

  • Budget – remember you get what you pay for!
  • Warranty – are the an Australian company is the distributor based in Australia?
  • Front or front and rear camera system?
  • Storage capacity- do they come with a SD card? What size storage do they come with can you upgrade to a larger card eg: 32/ 64/ 128 GB.
  • Do they have parking mode built in or can it be added eg: Power magic pro
  • Does it have GPS data and speed logging?
  • Do you want a screen or prefer smaller with WiFi to mobile phone?
  • Does it have road safety settings?
  • Does it have red light and speed camera warnings?
  • If you chose a rear camera pack. Will the lead reach or can you buy an extension?
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