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Car stereo systems

With the car stereo touchscreen fast becoming the hub of your car now and prices becoming more affordable, now is the time to update. And with our mobile on site installation and fitting service it’s never been easier to get that car stereo system fitted.

Not sure you have all the parts you need to fit your car stereo system. We have access to all the parts required from Australia’s leading car audio and parts suppliers from data and steering wheel control modules and antenna adaptors.

Our on road service vehicle is fully stocked with some of the best parts including things many stores over look like quality terminals and the little touches like genuine cloth tape from Tesa to prevent harness rattle and give a clean installation appearance.



Apple Carplay

In what has to be the best in-car innovation’s since Bluetooth, Carplay allows you to connect you phone to mirror selected Apps on the touchscreen. Apple mapping, Waze or Google Maps from your phone direct on the screen saving money over traditional navigation and no more out of date mapping.Apple Carplay

Aside from hands-free calling and streaming music via iTunes and Spotify, Carplay allows you to use Siri for selected features like voice calling, voice controlled navigation and reading/ replying to text messages by Siri’s voice control.




Android Auto

Google also has a very similar system called Android Auto to connect your smart phone and stereo system. one of the biggest benefits is having Google maps navigation on-screen. Live traffic updates while driving allow real-time traffic notices like slowdown and accidents and the ability to re route to avoid delays.

Hands free-calling couldn’t be easier thanks again to voice control as well as phone-book and dial pad.Android Auto

Music and Audiobooks is where Android Auto shines. Google Play Music works like iTunes allowing you to play your own music or subscription to Google’s vast library. The Spotify app allows you use it just like you would on your phone. Android Auto also works with most major Audiobook platforms allowing you to listen to your favorite Pod cast, story or even learn while driving.


Aside from the obvious added reverse camera benefits, with Apples Carplay and Androids Auto mobile phone integration taking the market by storm using your phone is now much easier and safer and no more annoying Bluetooth drop-outs and connection issues.


Apple maps and Google maps and traditional Navigation mapping can be a valuable tool for the driver no more maps or holding the phone while driving and ensuring you get to your destination on time.

On the audio side of things now you have even more options than ever to listen to and access your favourite music be it by CD, DVD, USB, iPod, Flac, Bluetooth, Spotify , YouTube, WiFi or via iTunes or Play  Music.

Many units now support Hi-Res audio. Triple RCA or Fibre optic outputs are a key building block when it comes to integrating into amplified systems. It’s an even better time to look at that speaker and amp upgrade or even just adding a touch more bass with an under seat sub-woofer.

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