Parking sensors

With blind spots getting worse in modern cars, don’t put up with struggling to park or risking damaging your car. We carry a large range of parking sensor systems to suit every vehicle and your needs. Supplying a picture of the bar and cars build plate when requesting a quote will assist us in getting the correct paint code and also confirming if all 4 parking sensors require paint as some bars are 2 tone.


Rear parking sensors

Reverse parking kit
Reverse parking sensor kit

Rear parking sensors are generally a 2 or 4 sensor kit depending on the car’s bumper and available mounting space. They automatically turn on when reverse gear is selected. We can colour code them to match the vehicle’s paint giving a factory look to the system. Most common rear sensor kits come standard with a audible buzzer that increases in beep rate as you get closer. However we can also add a display module for those with industrial deafness or poor hearing  and are unable to hear the high-pitched buzzer.


Front parking sensors

Park sensor display
Visual guide display

Similar to rear sensors but fitted to the front bumper in either a 2 or 4 sensor kit depending on the bumper. Front sensors are activated via a switch on the dash as you only want them on when parking not while driving. Again they are colour coded to match the vehicles paint work. Optional display available.


Rubber sensors

Rubber sensors are designed for Trucks, Utes and car’s with metal bumpers. As metal Bumpers can cause plastic sensors to give false readings , the rubber isolates and interference this may cause. They are also available in front or rear kits.


Blind spot monitor sensors

Blind spot display

Blind spot monitoring kits are comprised of 4 sensors. 2 sensors at the rear to activate the system when it detects a vehicle is your blind spot and 2 at the front to deactivate the system when the vehicle is in view.  Colour coded to match the vehicle’s paint work to give that factory fitted look. 




Note: All sensor kits are designed to guide/ aid parking and driving. Sensors should not be relied on in all instances. Always perform a visual check and use with common sense.

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