Reverse camera solutions

Reverse camera’s are a must for safety in every vehicle. Our mobile on road service will come to your home or workplace at a time that suits you.

System 12 offer a large range of wired reverse cameras and screen solutions to suit all vehicles including caravan and truck camera kit’s. Most packages come standard with guidelines to assist in lining you up with a car park. 

Do you already have your own kit? We can install your own screen and reverse camera kit.

All quality reverse cameras are waterproof. However when washing a car with a camera fitted, do not use a high pressure hose directly on the camera as the pressure is likely to damage the seal.

Quality reverse cameras will work at night and low light, with enough light cast by the reverse light to see a image. You can opt to fit a camera with infrared light which will offer better vision at night but this will generally be at the expense of daytime brightness and definition.




Camera intergration

We can integrate a reverse camera into most factory radio colour screens. Examples below of just some of the car brands where we can add a reverse camera directly into the factory screen. Audi, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Isuzu, Ford,  Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and VW.


Mirror camera Packages

Reverse mirror/ screen combinations can be either clipped over the factory mirror or a full replacement mirror. these are one of the easiest add-on,s allowing a section of the mirror to show a picture from the camera when reverse gear is selected and reverting to a standard mirror when taken out of gear.


On dash monitor kits

On dash monitors come in a variety of sizes most commonly 4.3″ , 5″ or 7″ and can be mounted either on the windscreen or permanently on the dash. They can be wired to either turn on in reverse or when the ignition is turned on. They are a great option for trucks, vans, Utes with canopies  and those towing caravans as they can be wired to show the rear camera image when driving. 24 volt systems are also available.


Replacement touchscreen radio with reverse camera

In dash replacement radios with screens offer the best results as most have a higher resolution screen offering better picture quality and most offering adjustable guide lines. The bonus of adding features your old stereo didn’t have such as Bluetooth, Carpaly and Android Auto.


Front mounted cameras

Front facing camera systems are also available to monitor blind spots and assist in parking.

Multi view cameras

Multi-view cameras are a great option for not only parking but also while off roading. Offering a combination of standard / wide view, corner and drop viewing angles.

Butterfly camerabutterfly camera

Butterfly style cameras are the smallest and most common type of reverse camera. They come as standard in most mirror and  small monitor reverse camera kits. Generally they use a wide-angle lens and guidelines are selectable on/ off at time of installation



OEM style camera

A OEM or factory style camera is a much neater looking camera designed to blend in. Often built into a licence plate or trunk release assembly. Larger and more complex than a butterfly camera they are a more expensive option.


Heavy duty camera

Heavy duty camera’s have a stronger casing and are normally used for 4WD’s, trucks and caravans. Having a larger casing also allows extra room for Infra red LED’s for improved night time vision.



Note: All camera systems are designed to guide/ aid parking and driving. Cameras should not be relied on in all instances. Always perform a visual check and use with common sense.



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