Speaker Installation

Have your Speakers seen better days or is it time for a speaker system overhaul ?

One of the most often overlooked areas of people replacing their speaker system is the importance of correct speaker installation.

Poorly mounted and incorrectly wired speakers can make a $500 set of speakers sound worse than a $50 set.  We can supply ABS speaker spacers or custom fabricate speaker mounts to suit your car and speakers to help you achieve maximum impact.

Sound deadening

And don’t forget sound deadening . With most modern factory cars having little to no sound deadening in a bid to reduce costs and weight. This can not only make for a noisy ride but also affect your sound quality.

Help your speakers performance/ volume, reduce unwanted rattles and  wasted energy escaping through panel vibration and isolate the front/ rear speaker waves. With a large range of acoustic matting and sound deadening products we have a solution to suit you’re budget.

Custom door pods can also be arranged and fabricated. With the ever popular Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series custom door pods being a prime example. Built to suit your speakers and needs rather than a one size fits all off the shelf solution.

Car stereo speakers
MTX – An American manufacturer of high quality car speaker, subwoofer and amplifier systems
Speaker installations
Phoenix Gold has created a wide range of award winning audiophile car speaker, subwoofer and amplifer systems
Car builders sound deadening
Acoustic matting and sound deadening materials
Sound deadening
Stinger Roadkill – sound deadening materials
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