Mongoose add on car alarms

Mongoose add on car alarms

Mongoose have a large range of add on car alarms to suit most modern vehicles. The M8, M60 and M80 models listed below are designed for older model cars trucks and commercial vehicles. The entire range comes standard with shock/ impact sensor. Want even more security why not add a glass break sensor or microwave detector for motion detection.

For even more security the M60  range comes wit 2 points of immobilisation or 3 on the M80 and black wiring harness making life extremely hard for any thief

At System 12 we pride ourselves on our wiring ensuring a clean and tidy installation. We also focus on integrating the alarm harness into you factory wiring harness making it harder for potential thief’s to gain access.

M8 12VOLT & M8-24 24 VOLT



The Mongoose M8 ‘My Mate’ is the latest vehicle security system for those on a limited budget.

Whilst being our most affordable vehicle security system, you are not buying a cheap alarm.

The M8 comes from the same stable as the M80 & MAP80 Series which are reknowned for quality and durability, so you know it must be good.

The M8 is a very effective vehicle security system and is available in both 12 volt (M8) and 24 volt versions (M8-24).

Just have a look at these features;

·          2 x 3 Button Remote Controls

·          Code Learning – Code Hopping Remotes (capable of accepting 4)              Mongoose M8 Alarm
·          Bonnet, Boot & Door Protection
·          Engine Immobiliser
·          On-Board Adjustable Shock Sensor
·          Electronic Siren
·          Remote Panic
·          Valet Mode
·          Park Light Flash
·          7 Function Hyper Blue LED – Arm / Disarm / 3 Zone Reporting / Valet / Arming
·          Intrusion Alert with Memory
·          Audible Arm / Disarm / Defective Zone / Tamper Confirmation
·          Ignition Door Lock/Unlock – Programmable
·          Chirps (Arm/Disarm) Defeat – Programmable
·          Automatic Last Door Arming – Programmable
·         Automatic Door Lock – Programmable
·          Defective Zone By-Pass

M60 Series

Our very popular M60 Series consists of 3 models all offering increasing levels of security which is differentiated by their Star rating.
The higher the rating – the higher the security.
  • 5 STAR :- M60G 
  • 4 STAR :- M60B and M60S

The M60B and M60S are our 4 Star models from the M60 Series of alarm systems.

These popular car security systems are fully featured which also include 2 automatic engine immobilisers, 2 stage shock sensor, siren, 2 x 3 button remote controls and a super bright blue dashboard warning LED.

The siren in the M60B is a standard siren whilst the M60S has a battery back-up siren.

As with all Mongoose alarm systems, opening of the bonnet, boot or doors will trigger the alarm.

Also included is a built-in turbo timer – programmable for 1 to 5 minute run time.

The automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser is designed to NZ/AUS Standards to deter theft by automatically disabling the engine starting and running.

If your vehicle has central locking*, this model can provide key-less entry – just press the remote button and your doors lock or unlock!

Tested and Certified to the AS/NZ 4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class B for Vehicle Immobilisers and alarm systems.

Get a awesome 3 years warranty.


  • Automatic Dual Circuit Immobilisation
  • Two Simple to use 3 button Remote ControlsMongoose M60BS
  • Keyless Remote Central Locking
  • Indicator and chirp confirmation
  • Built-in Turbo timer
  • Blue Dashboard Warning Light (LED)
  • 4 Digit PIN Code Override
  • Security Re-arm and Re-lock (Refer Note)
  • Bonnet, Boot and Door protection
  • 2 Stage Impact Sensor
  • Electronic Standard Siren – M60B
  • Battery back-up siren – M60S
  • Remote Panic
  • Built-in Central Locking Relays
  • Standards Black Wiring
  • Concealed Main Plug
  • Window Warning Stickers
  • Optional Boot Release (Ch2 output) (Refer Note)
  • 3 year warranty on product

Programmable Features

  • Turbo timer run time
  • Ignition safety door locking (Refer Note)
  • Door diagnostics
  • Siren / horn output
  • Chirps on/off
  • Central locking pulse length



Top of the Mongoose add on car alarms range. When you want the best, look no further.
M80 for very high levels of security thanks to their extensive range of features.
The M80 models are supplied with 2 x 3 button remote controls to allow key-less entry of a vehicles central locking.

Available as M80S – 4 star or M80G – 5 star

The M80S has been one of our mainstay alarm systems thanks to a high level of security with exceptional reliability and durability.

It is a 4 Star rated remote controlled vehicle security system which includes THREE engine immobilisers.4 Star

Engine immobilisers are the most crucial elements to a good vehicle security system as they make it virtually impossible to start the engine without the remote control or the unique 4 digit PIN code override.

The M80S – there isn’t much better…….other than the 5 Star M80G !

The M80S is tested and certified to AS/NZS4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class B .

We are so confident we even give you 5 years warranty.


  • Triple circuit automatic engine immobilisation
  • Protects bonnet, boot and all doors
  • Battery back-up siren
  • 2 stage impact sensor
  • 2 x 3 button water resistant remote controls
  • Mongoose M80SSilent arm/disarm by remote
  • Sensor disable by remote
  • ‘Panic’ by remote
  • Car finder by remote
  • Chirp and indicator confirmation of arming status
  • Built-in turbo timer – programmable on/off and 1 to 5 min’
  • Blue dashboard LED
  • LED trigger and open circuit diagnostics
  • 4 digit PIN code override
  • Programme your own PIN code to a number you will not forget !
  • Standards black wiring and concealed main plug
  • Built-in central locking relays
  • 2 stage unlock (optional connection)
  • Boot release (optional)
  • Dome light supervision (optional connection)
  • 12 programmable features
  • 5 year product warranty
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