Morel MPS Amplifiers



Innovation is at the heart of every Morel product

The new Performance Series Morel MPS amplifiers were developed with the same passion and product philosophy that lead Morel over the past 42 years.  The company’s R&D team worked hard to engineer the MPS series so they provide a fine balance of built quality, sonic performance and affordability.

Morel recognises how poorly designed amplifiers and electronics can ruin the performance potential of a speaker system. With this in mind, the engineering directive for the MPS amplifiers was simple. Produce a series of amplifiers to be exceptionally musical and dynamic, with clean, uncoloured power that can drive speakers to their full sonic potential.

Accurate Design and High Level Components

To meet our R&D team’s sonic requirements, proper, audiophile grade components are used to ensure the highest-level performance.

Morel MPS5.950

  • The MPS incorporate a fully balanced differential inputs that provide superior noise rejection
  • and can endure up to 20 volts of signal input, allowing even factory speaker-level signal to be accepted through the RCA connections.
  • High fidelity Texas Instruments OP amps and ultra-low tolerance surface mount components keep the integrity of the audio signal as pure as possible.
  • Protection and thermal management is managed via an on-board microprocessor. This allowed our engineers to design the amplifier without the need for internal fuses that can impede power delivery to the power supply.


Installation simplicity is a top priority

With installers in mind, our new amplifiers provide a unique feature set and installation friendly design. Each model uses a single sided circuit layout with all connections on one side of the amplifier. This makes installation simple and clean.  Our Pre-amp tuning and setting options are located discretely under a removable panel at the top of the amplifier.

Each amplifier is also devised to integrate with OEM audio systems. Either directly through the RCA input with an adaptive connector, and auto turn-on via signal sensing or DC turn-off sensing. These features usually found in much more expensive amplifiers.

Our choice of mono, four-channel and five-channel amplifier configurations ensures that the MPS amplifiers will cover almost every sound system design.  We also provide a two-year warranty for the MPS amplifiers when installed by an authorised Morel dealer.

The MPS amplifiers set new sonic boundaries for affordable amplifiers and a unique feature set that places them at the top of their game.


MPS Amplifier RMS Power ratings @ 14V

Morel MPS4.400


  • 4 Ohm 4 x 70w 

  • 2 Ohm 4 x 100w


Morel MPS1.550

  • 4 Ohm 1 x 350w
  • 2 Ohm 1 x 550w
Morel MPS5.950

  • 4 Ohm 4 x 70w + 1 x 350w
  • 2 Ohm 4 x 100w + 1 x 550w
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