MTX Subwoofers

MTX Subwoofer range

The MTX subwoofer range has something to suit everyone. The range includes underseat powered sub with passive radiators, both amplified and un-amplified enclosures and raw subwoofers for that custom build.

MTX Audio has been the market leader in Subwoofer technology since 1979 and proudly invented the first ever mobile audio enclosure in 1984! This Bass solution will impress even the most avid audiophile.


MTX IB-800X underseat subwoofer

MTX Audio IB-800X Underseat subwoofer, delivering big-bass without sacrificing any cabin or storage space. Our system features one of the highest power outputs on the market with a huge 180 Watt RMS power rating, 8″ Active Subwoofer with two additional 8″ ‘ReflexThunder’ Passive Subwoofers integrated into the cast-aluminium chassis for loud and deep bass reproduction. Included in the box is a Bass-Remote, 8 Gauge power kit and high-level input featuring Auto turn-on for convenient installation in the newest of vehicles.

Features :

  • The best and most simple way to add great bass in your system
  • Reduced size and thickness for underseat installations
  • Powerful Class-D amplifier for a realistic bass reproduction
  • Features 2 x MTX Passive Subwoofers to increase low-end audio reproduction.
  • Works perfectly with all aftermarket head-units, processors and factory audio systems.

Specifications :

  • MTX ReflexThunder Passive Subwoofer Technology
  • Subwoofers : 1 x 20cm (8“) + 2 x 20cm x 5cm (8″) Passive Subwoofers
  • Class-D Mono-block amplifier
  • RMS Power : 180W
  • Frequency response: 35 – 150 Hz
  • 8 Gauge Power-Wire and Fuse included
  • Active X-over : variable 50~150Hz
  • Bass remote included
  • High and Low-Level inputs
  • Auto switch on with high-level inputs
  • Input sensitivity : 0,1V~4V / 0.1V-9V High-Level
  • Phase switch : 0° or 180°
  • Bass boost : @45Hz variable 0 to +18dB
  • Dimensions : 345x242x78mm
  • Weight : 5Kg

MTX RTP12 Amplified subwoofer

Designed to enhance the bass response in any sound system with powerful MTX quality bass. Small footprint, big sound and very easy to install with the amplifiers innovative flush positioning and all connections close to the floor.

Features :

  • High output vented MTX enclosure
  • Noiseless rubberised and custom tuned aeroport design
  • Designed to deliver loud and accurate bass
  • Compact footprint with a highly aesthetic design
  • Powerful 220W RMS CEA Class-D amplifier
  • RCA and High level inputs
  • One piece brushed electroplated printed cone with butyl rubber surround
  • EBC (Remote control) included

Specifications :

  • Amplifier & Subwoofer RMS Power : 220W
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 80Hz 
  • Amplifier Peak Power : 660W
  • Low pass x-over : 18dB/Oct @ 80Hz
  • Input Sensitivity : 6V – 100mV
  • Subwoofer : 30cm (12″)
  • Dimensions : D43 x W46 x H43 CM


MTX Audio RoadThunder 12″ Subwoofer – RT12-04

MTX Road Thunder SubwooferMTX Road Thunder 12








The looks of this entry level sub tell exactly what’s in store! Powerful Accurate Bass at an unbelievable price point. This woofer shines when used in a sealed enclosure and causes a small earthquake when used in a vented enclosure.

Features :

  • ALDS Technology
  • SPV Technology
  • Spider with interlaced tinsel leads
  • Original MTX steel frame
  • One piece Polypropylene cone
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • Ø50 mm high temp (220°) aluminium voice coil
  • High-end, heavy duty terminals designed by Streetwires
Tech Specs
Frequency Response27Hz – 150Hz
RMS Power (Watts)250
Peak Power (Watts)500
Recommended Amp Power (RMS)125 – 300
Voice Coil2″ (5.08 cm)
Magnet Weight47 oz.
Mounting Depth5.187″ (13.17 cm)
Cut Out Diameter10.812″ (27.46 cm)
Sealed Enclosure Net Volume1 cu ft

MTX FPR Slimline sub


Available in 300WRMS 10inch or 400WRMS 12inch. FPR series subs.

MTX engineers have recognised that there are scenarios where you just can’t fit a full-size subwoofer behind the seat in a pickup truck, in convertibles, in the trunk with golf bags, strollers, or whatever other assorted goodies we grab for the drive.

Other shallow mount subwoofers in the market are not able to deliver full, rich subwoofer performance.They are often made more like mid-bass drivers, unable to play those powerful low notes that make owning a subwoofer fun.

The result of this research is the patented One Piece Spider Cone Assembly design that delivers true subwoofer performance in an ultra compact design.

The Design

The FPR is a patented and unique in that the cone is attached directly to the spider. This design allows the spider to better control the cone movement especially its one way motion, Xmax. The angled design of the basket allows the cone to travel farther than a conventional subwoofer which would be limited by the spider’s connection to the basket. Additionally, the cone utilizes a curved design where it connects to the surround. This not only advantageous as it more easily connects to the spider but it also increases the surface diameter of the cone. The increased Xmax and surface diameter gained as a result of the design allow the subwoofer to move more air and generate higher SPL.



MTX TX6 12inch subwoofer

If there’s anyone who knows how to make the ultimate Subwoofer it’s MTX Audio! They were the first company in the world to sell Car Subwoofers in enclosures, the TX6 is the new standard for mid-class subwoofer drivers. Delivering incredible deep and loud bass with an awesome power handling.

Features :

  • High performance subwoofer
  • Die cast aluminium frame
  • 2.5″ high temperature voice coil
  • Dual cooling system for the voice coil
  • Glass fiber cone
  • Stitched cone to surround
  • Extra large surround
  • High power handling (BBR 48V)

Specifications :

  • RMS Power : 800W
  • Max Power : 2400W
  • BBR : 48V
  • Frequency response : 20Hz – 500Hz
  • Sensitivity : 91,3 dB/2,83v/1m
  • Fs : 27Hz
  • Re : 2Ω
  • Z : 2Ω
  • Qms : 6,17
  • Qes : 0,42
  • Qts : 0,39
  • Vas : 42,7Liter
  • Mms : 279,1gr
  • Cms : 0,120mm/N
  • BL : 16N/A
  • Sd : 500,5cm2
  • Vd : 0,70Liter
  • Xmax : 14,0mm
  • Ø30cm (12’’)
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