Morel Maximus components 602 v2

Maximus 602 V2 – Components System



The new Morel Maximus components 602 v2 are even more versatile than before.

morel maximus components 602
Morel Maximus 602

Featuring a re-engineered woofer with a highly efficient hybrid magnet motor and improved suspension, the latest variant delivers bass notes with greater impact and more dynamic midrange, while improving power handling by 50%.

Developed to be an easy, high-fidelity upgrade to any factory 2-way system, the Maximus handles more power so you can add an amplifier to reach even greater output levels but still maintain high levels of fidelity.

A feature of the Morel Maximus components to ease installation is a multi point mounting basket on the woofer and various tweeter mounting cups to suit most installation scenarios.




ModelSizePower Handling
Watt RMS / Peak Power
Frequency Response (Hz)Impedance
MAXIMUS 6026.5”  2-Way60 / 1209460-220004 ohm
MAXIMUS 602 V2  – New6.5”  2-Way90 / 1809460-220004 ohm
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